Why we think the hospitality business should explore implementing 3 word addresses.

knepen.leuker.meester. If this odd combination of Dutch words doesn’t ring a bell for you, you’ve probably never heard of What3Words, a new worldwide address system that defines every location in the world with just three key words. In fact, it refers to our Flow business address in Nederweert. In our western world, with our well-addressed countries, you might think that such a new way of addressing is just entertaining or even quite pointless. Well, none of that. It’s not only useful, we found that regarding the hotellerie, implementing the What3words system can not only benefit the customer journey, you can even turn it into one of your hotel’s unique selling points.

Wherever you are, there is a 3-word address.

First, let us explain a little more about this new way of addressing. The founders of the British company divided the earth’s surface into 57 trillion squares of 9 square meters and developed an algorithm to define each of these 3m x 3m boxes based on a three-word combination. That’s much easier to remember, especially if people use a navigation device with speech recognition. According to Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words, street addresses were just not built for voice input, they can be difficult to pronounce, and moreover: they lack uniqueness. For instance, there are 14 different Church Roads in London, and 632 Juarez streets in Mexico City.
The app requires no internet connection, so it won’t eat any phone roaming charges. What3words is currently available in 26 languages.

Back to business: the guest experience

But now back to your business. With the ultimate guest experience on top of our mind, we believe that your guests and customers will greatly benefit from this new technology. How? Look at these examples:

  1. Hello holiday, goodbye stress…

Many people travel as a way to relieve stress, but sometimes travelling can also induce a lot of stress. Not being able to find your accommodation easily can be one of those travel stressors. A 3-word address provides guests with easy-to-use and accurate location information. Guests simply enter the three words into the free what3words app and get directions to their hotel’s entrance using their favourite navigation app. This is especially very helpful for Airbnb’s or boutique hotels that are hidden in the most fantastic, yet remote places and villages in every corner of the globe. Many of the most amazing places in the world don’t have an address. Sharing the 3-word location of your property helps your guests experience a much more relaxed start of their holiday.

  1. Ladies first!

Being a female businesswoman, I find myself very comfortable with the overall development that many hotels nowadays are focussing more and more on the special needs of their female guests. What3words makes it for instance possible to pinpoint the exact location of ‘Woman friendly ‘parking spaces. So that women can park extra close to the entrance if it rains or if it’s already dark at arrival or departure time. These parking spaces are also extra well-lit and therefore offer a feeling of extra safety.

  1. “Yes, I do…”

Are there many things that excite you as a hotelier more than the chance to help your guest come up with the perfect wedding proposal? Probably not. But there is more that you can do than light the candles and add some sparkles and rose petals. What3words can make this experience even more memorable. What if you arrange a romantic picnic on a private nature spot, that your guest can easily find using the three-word navigation?

  1. “It’s a pleasure to meet you…”

Have you ever experienced visitors struggling to find you when you were exhibiting at a trade fair, like WTM or ITB? That is past tense when you pass on the three-word description of your location. Say bye bye to the outdated printed directions. Way more customer friendly in our opinion.

We’re very curious if you already know what your hotel’s 3-word location sounds like. If you don’t know yet, you can enter your street address in the what3words-map.

Furthermore, we’re very excited to inform you that in only 41 days our new website will go live! So, put 28 January in your agenda. Countdown starts now!!!

Rachida Naya