Flow supplies innovative and customized, game changing software solutions and consultancy services for the hospitality industry. From hoteliers, for hoteliers. Flow creates movement. We reinvent the industry by focusing on processes (streamlining them), people (training and corporate culture) and product: the ultimate guest experience. Because that’s what we think true hospitality is about: creating unforgettable, personalized experiences for our guests.

By implementing our services and software solutions, you as a hotelier can give a 100 % focus on the needs and wishes of your hotel’s guests. Because that’s what they deserve.


What FLOW B.V. does:

 The Flow Pack offers a solution for underperforming hotels suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality industry, by conducting a major screening on the business where the point of focus lies on the marketing and financial aspects before presenting a detailed plan on how one can optimize operations.

Additionally, we believe that with the support of our team of professionals, and individually tailor-made plan that will be carefully followed, we can also introduce you to new opportunities by building connections with parties that could be able to financially reboot your business.

The Flow Pack University offers improved methods for “Onboarding” services for new employees, hotels, and organizations within the hospitality industry by accelerating and maximizing the efficiency of the integration process into the organization and its culture.

The previously mentioned services can be forged into a tailor-made complete training system based on the company’s needs.


| Onboarding new PMS Protel:

  • An introduction to a new Property Management System and its ecosystem of all interfaces to provide your organization with the ability to facilitate every single process, optimize workflow, and to increase engagement with your customers.



| New onboarding method based on current corporate cultures and PMS (Property Management System):

  • The automatization and digitalization of existing onboarding methods and additionally customized onboarding methods for new employees based on the current and existing corporate culture.



| Onboarding based on new Culture and optimized SOPS ( Standard Operating Procedures):

  • A new and improved onboarding method based on a new corporate culture can be constructed and tailored to the company’s mission, vision, strategy, and values.



| Onboarding for new hotels:

  • Constructing a new onboarding method for new hotels that can be added to the existing portfolio to accelerate and maximize the efficiency of the integration process.

Furthermore, with the support of our team of professionals, we could even guide your organization in building a new corporate culture benefiting both employers and employees to increase employee satisfaction that will aid in achieving higher customer engagement.