Increasing your profits by gaining more loyal guests and more positive reviews?
Give your customers the ultimate guest experience. Implementing innovative software systems helps you to not only meet, but exceed your guest’s needs and desires.

Because it facilitates every single process, optimizes the workflows and provides an effective communication with your guests.

Find out how protel’s solutions can maximize your business.

protel Hospitality Platform

Vendor-neutral hoteltech

Where the market meets and trades, newest hotel-friendly Apps meet tech-friendly hotels. Everything can be customized, and everything works with everything else. Fast integration at the click of a mouse.

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Next-generation ESB

Lean and efficient ESB technology providing a deeply embedded service layer, to deliver robustly validated and secure data communication in real-time.

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protel CENTRAL

Multi-Hotel Management

The fully-connected Enterprise Layer for painless centralized management. Secure, robust and flexible, with all the configuration possibilities larger hotel groups usually design and implement themselves, but without the hassle.

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